How to Yarn Under- A Video

Are you a visual learner like I am? I learn best by seeing someone do the skill instead of just looking at photos.

Since I had already posted photos, it is also important that I share the video with you to show you how I use the yarn under method. If I use yarn under, I use it for ALL stitches, not just one or two. That is important because it keeps your stitches consistent.

I use the yarn under method when making amigurumi.… Read the rest

Yarn over, Yarn Under

You probably hear a lot of crocheters saying they use the yarn over or yarn under method on social media. You also might be wondering why you would choose one method over the other. There is no wrong answer. It is very much a personal preference, but there is no wrong way to crochet.

I’m going to go through each method and how I do both. At the end I will explain my preference and why I chose the one I did.… Read the rest

Skin Color Chart Using Plush Yarn

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Do you love making dolls using plush yarn, but aren’t always sure what colors to use for skin? This handy tool will help you chose skin color yarn from 5 different yarn brands.

Where can you find the yarns in this photo?

Premier Yarns

Universal Yarn




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Do you like the head and body in one piece?

Do you prefer to crochet the head and body in one piece?

Well you’re not alone. I love crocheting those pieces together especially when I’m using chenille yarn. The less sewing that I need to do the better.

I like sewing the head and body together when I’m using thinner yarn, but I find with chenille yarn, it saves my room of extra yarn fuzzies if I crochet them together.

Do you have patterns that you like that you’d prefer had the head and body together?… Read the rest